Salted fish is another large part of our production. Large parts of saithe and ling that are bought go to salting, but also a lot of the cod.

What happens when the fish has been gutted and sorted is that the fish goes through a machine. This is a machine that cuts out the entire backbone of the fish, which gives it the wide, flat shape. Then the fish on a conveyor belt goes out to the salt stations. The fish is placed nicely in tubs, layer by layer, with salt between the layers. Hand salting is over, so here are machines that spread salt over the fish.

The fish is left with salt in the tub for a period of time. There may be periods of one to four weeks where the fish are only in brine. What happens is that the salt extracts the water content of the fish. When the fish has been stored for a given period, the brine is drained. Then the fish is stored dry with salt for a few more weeks. When the fish is partially stiff and hard, it is taken out of the tubs and sorted in both size and quality. It is stacked on a pallet and new salt is layered between the fish. After this long process, it is ready for export to the wider world.

Our salted fish is sent to Spain and Portugal, but most of it goes to Canada and the USA.